Mindful Movement – A gentle, slow flow class that uses movement to incorporate a connection with our breath, our body, our mind. Moment to moment exploration and observation as we move with intention through postures unearths strength, stability & expansion.

Yin – Yin offers the opportunity for stillness, effectively and therapeutically nourishing our whole body. Long holds combined with low-load postures help work into the connective tissue [tendons, fascia, and ligaments] with the aim of stimulating and increasing circulation in the joints and improving flexibility. Yin poses are also designed to improve the flow of qi (chi), the subtle energy running through the meridian pathways of the body. Improved flow of qi has been demonstrated to improve organ health, immunity, emotional well-being, and overall health.

YinYangYasana – YinYangYasana practice is a blend of both the Yin and Yang elements of yoga. Suitable for those looking for deep stretches and periods of flow. YinYangYasana develops a deeper awareness of the body and balances the dynamics between developing strength and maintaining mindful attention on the breath.

Flow + Restore – Learn the fundamentals of yoga in a safe, fun and engaging environment. Great for beginners or students that have not practiced in a while. Students will learn and develop proper breathing techniques, fundamental yoga poses, and methods for relaxation. This series is taught in a sequential manner to help students build confidence, strength and flexibility to prepare them for our regular classes. Class will end with 2-3 restorative postures for a beautiful balanced practice.

Yoga HIIT – Experience a dynamic fusion of fitness training and yoga. High-intensity interval training {HIIT} exercises will warm the body and build strength, culminating with delicious yoga poses. Small hand weight and body-weight exercises will alternate with cardio moves to build endurance. Multiple variations will be offered to accommodate all levels of fitness, but those who want to work will surely be challenged.

Functional Flow & Core – Drawing on influences of dance, martial arts, yogo, and core training this class offers a fresh take on healthy movement patterns, proprioception (sensing your body’s position in space,) and building both stable and dynamic strength.  Come strengthen, stretch, balance and bound in this fun, flowing class.

Slow Flow –  Turiya teachers share this class on a rotating basis.  Each bring their own interpretation to wake up, move and breath on Saturday mornings.

Prenatal Yoga – Move the body and train the brain to support healthy pregnancy and birth! Prenatal yoga combines strength-building and stretching poses with deep mental relaxation and breath awareness. This class emphasizes the important connection between body/breath awareness and the ability to cope with the challenges of pregnancy, labor, and a newborn. This class is meant to foster connections between moms as we believe that a healthy postpartum transition is facilitated by a strong support group of fellow moms! (currently not on the schedule)

Fold & Flow  – This moderately strenuous practice offers an opportunity to connect to center, and then explore the edges – of concentration, strength, balance and flexibility. We begin with folding into stillness, connect breath to movement, then build a creative vinyasa flow, possibly exploring a specific challenge, always finishing with relaxation. While muscles will awaken and heart rate will likely increase, focus is on stability, safety, and paying attention to our minds, breath and bodies as they are. Individuals are encouraged to make this practice as dynamic or subtle as they see fit. (currently not on the schedule)

Vibrant Flow –  An active vinyasa flow yoga practice in a safe, fun and engaging environment. Dive deep into a practice that is full of strength, focus and stability.  Students will learn and develop proper breathing techniques, fundamental yoga poses, and methods for relaxation.  Expect movement with this active practice, not just stretching. Breath acts as an anchor to movement as you flow from one pose to the next. Build confidence, increase, strength and flexibility. Release tension and stress in the body and mind. Safely explore your limits and learn any necessary modifications. (currently not on the schedule)